Your kitchen is one of the most utilized rooms in your home.  Over the course of your lifetime, you’ll spend a great deal of time cooking, eating, and socializing in your kitchen.  To truly get the most out of your kitchen, you need cabinetry and countertops that are not only functional, but make your kitchen a beautiful centerpiece of your home.  We strive to provide you with high quality kitchen cabinets and countertops that also offer a number of different styles, options, and prices that fit your specific needs.

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There are 3 very different varieties of manufactured cabinetry on the market.  These are custom cabinetry, semi-custom cabinetry, and stock cabinetry. The difference isn’t necessarily just one of quality, so we worked hard to find a way to provide cabinets that suit any homeowner. We found the best way to accomplish this was to deal in stock and semi-custom cabinetry.

Our stock cabinet line is Kunal Kitchens, which utilizes cabinetry in several popular sizes and styles to suit every home. Kunal Kitchens operates out of Hartford, Connecticut and prides themselves on their affordability and customer service, and also boasts an impressive 7-day delivery schedule. While there is limited customization available,  our customers get quality kitchen cabinets at great prices; you get your cabinets quickly, pre-assembled and ready to go.

Our semi-custom cabinet manufacturer is Great Northern Cabinetry. Great Northern Cabinetry is located in the heartland of Wisconsin and has been in the business of making fine quality cabinetry since 1972. Great Northern stands toe-to-toe with larger more widespread companies in terms of quality, while still maintaining the family business atmosphere and values we believe make a company truly great. Great Northern has 3 lines of cabinets to choose from, 7 wood choices, 38 Door Styles, and a multitude of finishes, stains, and accessories to give you the look and feel you need.

For more information Click Here to contact us visit the Great Northern Cabinetry Website, the Kunal Kitchens Website, or our showroom at 56 Waverly St. in Springville, or call us at (716)592-9803 to schedule a Free In-Home Estimate.

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