SDW & CYC Help Brandon & Christine Olivares

Thank you so much to the Christian Youth Corps, Inc. for their donation of 3 cabinets and a counter-top to help with our project!

When Brandon Olivares decided to improve his quality of life by getting a seeing eye dog, he was crushed to find that their home was not fit for one. He was desperate for space and storage to get some of the clutter into a place where a pet wouldn’t be able to get into it or hurt himself. One of the biggest problems was in the Kitchen/Dining room.

We (Jason & Jeffrey Webster) replaced a way-too-big for their needs 6′ round dining room table with a more ideal 4.5′ x 3′ rectangular one fabricated from the counter-top donated by CYC, and a cafe style pedestal generously donated by David Guadagna, a fellow employee. It sits the both of them comfortably and can be easily pulled out from the wall to accommodate more.

Next we managed to turn a room with virtually no storage into one with a pantry provided by Springville Door & Window, 3 base cabinets including a beautiful lazy susan donated by the CYC, and a metal shelf provided by the homeowners that we were glad to put together while we were there. Then we fabricated a workable counter-top for their new cabinets that will suffice for their needs. We hope in the near future to replace it with something much better.

Even with all the new things we put into the room, it’s still much more open and manageable than it was previously, and hopefully will be a good jump forward on their path to getting the seeing eye dog they deserve.

And again, thank you so so much to Pete Andrews and the other wonderful people at the CYC for helping us make a small difference in someones lives. We hope to do much more work with them in the future!