Windows play a very crucial role in the energy performance of your home.  Old, inefficient windows are a major source of heat loss in your home, and your energy bills and home comfort level will reflect that fact.  That’s not even mentioning what outdated windows do to take away from the beauty and property value of your home.  Installing new, energy efficient, low maintenance windows to your home will instantly correct all of these issues.  At Springville Door & Window, we offer a variety of windows designed to fit every need and every budget.

Headquartered in Temperance, Michigan, Sunrise Windows manufacture a stunning selection of vinyl windows and stress a commitment to quality that few other companies provide.  All of their products rank among the industry leaders in regards to performance, and their selection of custom options and true lifetime warranty proves they are committed to the consumer.  Though performance and reliability are very important, Sunrise Windows knows that looks matter as well, and they’ve worked hard to produce windows that are as pleasing to the eye as well.

Since their inception in 1994, Sunrise Windows has always been on the cutting edge of window technology, and they’re constantly rolling out new products and options on their current products.  Their recent reconfiguration of their casement window line not only led to a significant increase in visible glass size, but also produced a gorgeous window that stands out from other vinyl casement windows.  Their addition of a Full Frame option on all of their windows enables their products to be installed as a complete new construction window, providing a sleek and finished exterior look that requires little to no maintenance by the homeowner.

Sunrise Windows has won numerous Crystal Achievement Awards for product innovation, a very prestigious award in the home improvement industry.  They also are consistently listed among Window & Door magazine’s “Top 100 Manufacturers.”

Sunrise Windows are a perfect fit when you’re looking to get the most value for your home improvement dollar.  Their selection is truly unlimited, and their product quality sets them apart from their competitors.

For more information Click Here to contact us, visit Sunrise Windows or our showroom at 56 Waverly St. in Springville, or call us at (716)592-9803 to schedule a Free In-Home Estimate.

Essentials windows by Sunrise are a perfect blend of affordability and performance.  Though they do not boast the extensive options of Sunrise Windows, they offer a great value for the homeowner with a more limited budget.

Essentials windows feature high performance glass and a full lifetime warranty, so you’ll be protected from harsh weather conditions for years to come. Selections for either White or Tan windows and grids allow you to customize the windows to fit your home.  Slimline frame construction allows you to maximize your view.

For more information Click Here to contact us, visit Essentials by Sunrise Windows or our showroom at 56 Waverly St. in Springville, or call us at (716)592-9803 to schedule a Free In-Home Estimate.

Based out of Fargo, North Dakota, Integrity Windows are a subsidiary of Marvin windows, a trusted name in the wood window industry.  Integrity windows combine natural pine interior with a special fiberglass/composite exterior called Ultrex.  Along with the natural beauty of real pine interior, Integrity offers a wide selection of exterior colors.  This combination allows for the natural beauty of wood inside your home while still providing the durability and maintenance free exterior of traditional vinyl and fiberglass windows.

Integrity windows come with either a white painted interior or a non-prefinished interior, allowing you to stain your windows to match your existing woodwork.  They are designed as a new construction window, meaning that they replace the entire window, frame and all, rather than just replacing the window sashes.

Integrity windows are a perfect fit when you’re building a new home, trying to match an existing stain or exterior color, or are looking at an extensive remodel.

For more information Click Here to contact us, visit Integrity Windows or our showroom at 56 Waverly St. in Springville, or call us at (716)592-9803 to schedule a Free In-Home Estimate.

Velux is one of the industry leaders in residential and commercial skylights.  Known for their quality, they have been in operation for over 60 years and currently have operations in 40 countries.  They have essentially become “the name” in the skylight industry.

Velux has a number of product lines ranging from fixed (non-operating) skylights and sky tunnels to manual and electric venting skylight (operable).  There are a number of standards sizes they offer, and they can be used in both deck mount and curb mount installations.  Integrated blind and shade systems also allow you to determine the amount of daylight you’d like to let through.  Plus, all of their products off their famous “No Leak” warranty.

Because of an extensive distribution system, Velux skylights also feature a quick delivery on all of their stock sizes.  From the time your order your skylight, we can usually have it at our shop in 3-5 business days.  If you’re working with a tight schedule, those few extra days can make all the difference.

For more information Click Here to contact us, visit Velux Skylights or our showroom at 56 Waverly St. in Springville, or call us at (716)592-9803 to schedule a Free In-Home Estimate.

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