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On most homes, the garage door is the largest and most visible of all doors. Just as an old, worn out, poorly operating garage door can bring down your home's curb appeal and value, a new and easily operable garage door can do just the opposite. Replacing your garage door is a great way to give your home the facelift it deserves.


Located in Arthur, Illinois, CHI Overhead Door is a well known and respected brand in the home improvement industry. They offer a selection ranging from basic non-insulated residential doors to decorative carriage house doors that mimic the look of a real wood door. Just as with all our product offerings, CHI focuses on providing a quality product that will stand the test of time and perform exceptionally.

While some overhead door companies will cut corners on quality to offer a lower price, CHI understands that quality should be first priority. All of their models feature a 2" thick door panel and consist of 25 gauge draw quality steel. For the consumer, this means a sturdy and durable door that will stand up to the bumps and bruises of life. Their Extra-heavy paint system features a .25 mil. primer and rust inhibitor combination and a .75 mil. top coat of baked on polyester paint, and most models offer 5 distinct color options. Heavy duty hinges, rollers, and tracks ensure smooth operation for years to come. Using a tongue and groove system, each door section fits snugly together to provide a tighter weather seal. These are just some of the examples of CHI's commitment to quality, and let's the consumer know that they are purchasing a superior product.

CHI also offers an extensive line of commercial overhead products, ranging from ribbed steel doors to full view aluminum doors. They have products that meet and exceed specifications for all ranges of commercial projects, and as with their residential products, quality is not compromised. They also offer steel roll up doors, fire doors, and counter shutters. These are a perfect option when increased durability is needed, and are frequently used on concession stands or loading docks.

For more information Click Here to contact us. Visit CHI Overhead Doors Official Website or our showroom at 56 Waverly St. in Springville, or call us at (716) 592-9803 to schedule a Free In-Home Estimate.


Headquartered in Elmhurst, Illinois, Liftmaster is one of the industry leaders in the residential and commercial garage door opener industry. Their focus is on performance, features, and durability, and they combine those three better than any other company. Their products feature a number of safety and security features, and their openers are built to withstand even the harshest of climates.

Their line of residential openers features 4 distinct models, with each focused on a specific need. The two most common models are their 1/2 Horsepower chain drive opener and their 3/4 Horsepower belt drive opener. These are used in a majority of home installations. Their Screw drive openers are used in instances of extremely harsh temperatures, and their jackshaft opener fills the need when limited headroom above your door makes installing a traditional opener impossible. They also have 4 varieties of commercial operators (trolley, jackshaft, hoist, and slide styles) that allows for automatic operation of all types of door setups.

For more information Click Here to contact us, visit LiftMaster Official Website or our showroom at 56 Waverly St. in Springville, or call us at (716) 592-9803 to schedule a Free In-Home Estimate.