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Vinyl is still the most widely used siding. Technology has brought us great advances in quality and performance as compared with some early examples.

We now have deep rich colors that don't fade like they used too, plus semi transparent stained blends for amazingly realistic panels.

There's always the old standby Cedar shake or clapboard; but with the realistic look of today's vinyl it tends to be a rare choice. Another up and coming material is fiber-reinforced cement siding.

Long lasting and structural, one of the advantages is paintability for that custom color situation.

Corners, accessories and trim pieces are not limited to the basics of the past.

We now have a great selection of accessories that give us the ability to reproduce architectural accents. Everything from wide fluted corner posts to wide window surrounds featuring rosettes and crown moldings, are now readily available.

Special shapes are also available for that distinctive look.

Everything from rounds to shakes, and don't forget the gingerbread for the finishing touch.